Peatlife is colorful    

As we all know peat is a raw material that is used for energy or horticulture.It is a beautiful, natural product that has very interesting characteristics that can be used in many different ways. It is a pure product that has nothing else in it than just nature.The nature brings its beauty.

Over the years people found out that it has curative properties. Nowadays when persons want to stay young they like to enjoy peat mud baths; the acid cleans their skin. For many centuries animals have been living on peat in their stables without problems to their feet. Bog bodies have been succesfully mummified. Centuries after a person sank into a peat bog every bone, hair, tooth or wrinkle in the skin can be found again.

While walking in the Soosaare bog area in central Estonia I was wondering myself if you can do something else with the peat and the idea came to make some substance of it where I can model with, like you do with clay. The ingredience I use are pure natural. So it was also in that peat bog that the idea came for the story of the people of Soosaare as they sank into this beautiful natures centuries ago.

Working with this new recipe the possiblities is are endless. Sculptures, objects, paintings and wall coverings. It's magnificent to work with it.



                                                           The story of the forgotten people of Soosaare

In the summer of 2010 I walked for the first time in a bog. The colours, the deafening silence and the air. So beautiful! But also the risk and the fright to sink into it. And at that moment you start thinking about the people that came to the end of their lives. We find them nowadays as bog bodies and peculiar is that after many centuries they are beautifully mummified in a dark brown colour. Their skin is sound and every line in their bodies can be seen. Those people must have met themselves in the last minutes of their lives, during their probably slow struggle to death. No more future, material things that were acquired in the past do not count anymore. It is only the present moment and the experience from the past that counts. You are confronted with yourself, you can be honest as you are the only one to whom you are accountable. And who are you at that moment? Does it make any difference how you have lived your life while experiencing the last moments of it?

This is how the idea was born to create the people that experienced this moment all together but all in their own way. All these people sank into the Soosaare bog near the village of Kolga-Jaani in Estonia on 24th August 79 AD while approximately 3000 km down South the volcano Vesuvius erupted. When there is an eruption somewhere there must be an implosion in a different place to compensate it. All these bog bodies that have been found experienced this moment in their own way and with their own emotions. This is exactly the moment that has been fixed in their mummified bodies. These bodies are made of real peat and therefore they have exactly the same colour as the real bog bodies. Not only the people but also all the things they supposed to use are created of. peat. A new culture exists inspired by old cultures.Peat consists of the dead roots of the sphagnum plant which is thousands of years old. In this concept it is the symbol for the search towards your own roots.
This was the start of the story of "the forgotten people of Soosaare".


Peatart is a joint initiative between the artist, Dioni ten Busschen and the company Sphagnum Products B.V. in the middle of 2010.